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Alan Clark
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Alan Clark This album is absolutely amazing. It is so addictive it has my head swirling round and round. I love it, absolutely love it. Favorite track: BETTER HALF.
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Scumbag Hahaha! Who would've thought this would find its way into my collection? Well, my tastes in music have many dimensions and many moods...
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released January 21, 2013

All Tracks written and produced by DOLLS except mixes where credited.



all rights reserved


DOLLS London, UK

With more than a hint of apocalyptic glamour, DOLLS is a darker, dirtier pop for an evolved listener, bubblegum bisected by industrial synths under recurrant themes of money, sex and violence.

Drawing her influence from Joy Division and Depeche Mode, DOLLS juxtaposes pop vocals with gritty lyricism, creating a uniquely dark synthpop signature.

DOLLS in the bedroom will max out your headroom.
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Misty-eyed missing the way that you made me amazing
without dedicating the time
Guess you were just there to save me
and maybe I walked around faded most of the time

Thank you for letting me know I was special
I could have easily have gone my whole life
Without an accurate expert appraisal
I might not ever have realized

Better half – you can have it
Keep it secret – like your habit
I was sleeping through the movie
Now you want to be credited through me

I didn’t know it was all for my benefit
till you were kind enough to explain
I had a feeble belief in succeeding
and you were the needle to inoculate

Thank you for praising me to the public
That’s very generous of you to say
I’m very flattered I’ve kept up your interest
After how much you’ve invested in me

I could not have been; no, not possibly.
All these moments are your stolen property.
Thank you awfully, for the pain that inspires me over and over again.
Track Name: NOW NOW

Why do I care anything about you? I’m guaranteed better off without you
You’re on my mind every time
I doubt you ever even think of anything profound, dude

You had the picture that made me say
“Mister, I miss you in every way”
Blisters from kissing so far away
No time to play

We had the history to easy
So easy that you could just walk away
I wish that I could feel the same
Oh so unscathed

Now Now I’ve got to remember I’m not you
Thought you were sly but it looks like they caught you
Now all the pieces are falling in place
Fallout is all I can’t seem to erase

Said you would subtly play your games
Man to man, damn, you manipulate!
Seeing you sat in that sorry state
Snapped me awake

Now that you’ve had every luxury
You could obtain by just draining me
I could complain, but it’s fine you see,
You were the fantasy

Now Now I don’t know anything, but,
You showed your colors a little too much
So post-production drama eruption
Act like you’re fine when you really don’t function

You were my only
But you don’t own me
Now that it’s solely me
See you’re lonely
Track Name: PRETTY


I wanna see you pose
In the right clothes
With the White nose
Very White bones

You look good while you’re doing the deed so while you’re doing the deed c’mon and do it to me
I’m right here – so come on over
Think it over and get closer
Rockets and pockets and buckets of ducats so fuck it

We don’t pay you to think we just pay you to drink, we just pick up the tab you look pretty
We don’t pay you to think we just pay you to blink, we just pay you to mink up the titties
We don’t pay you to think we just pay you to slink we just pay you to bring on the envy
We don’t pay you to drink we just pay you to sink we just pay you to sleep with the enemy

And when this feeling goes it will be so, it will feed so perfectly so
Who cares what the neighbours will say when the holiday pays and the Hollywood stays

Have fun till the lights come up on the lies you tell till you get enough
Money for honey is funny for a blink, then you think, then you think, then you think

Give a little, get a little bit of it
Once you get it you'll never forget
it's always fine in the back of your mind
come on back into mine and relax for a while
need another hit
one more and then we can quit
it's so nice, I can't lie, I can't fight it; I can't try

Somebody better cover me 'cause I'm going in under enemy Lines
Somebody better cover me 'cause i'm gonna be - i'm not gonna be fine

Hey Hey
Let you take me
With your A-K
it's the way
it's the weapon
it's my heaven
it's obsession

One for the money, two for the incident
Three wishes a kiss for a body hit
kill shots got me feeling alive
got you aiming at targets but playing so nice
ceasefire but line up the crosshairs
destroy the enemy not there
it's alright, I won't bite; I can't fight you, I can't lie
Track Name: ONE ON ONE

You've got me so excited I can't even sleep
Is this a windup for the Heartbeat on my sleeve
Is it time now that we find out if it's something more or time out
It's a crime if we don’t climb out of these passenger routines

It's not fine it's not fair if ur trying to keep quiet if you don't if you do if you want me tell the truth

Do u wanna be one on one with me
is it just a bit of fun with me
I don’t do this sit-and-wondering
Do you wanna be one on one with me

You said the right words at the right time all along
But I'm not sure you didn't hear them in a song
And you seem to be so into me so isn't it the time to see if I'm for you potentially
Instead of playing hide and seek

We don't need definitions
But these inhibitions
Definitely just not for me
I like you babe but
I’d like to say
Just man up stand up
Hands up either way
Track Name: PAYMATE

List of demands destroy conventions
You understand; stand to attention
At my command, at my demand
Anything/Everything/Everyone’s jealousy

You like your girls top shelf and self centered
You hit the jackpot the moment I entered
The room was doomed to harbor your heartbreak
When I say

Take me away on a holiday
I’ll like you more if you follow me properly
It’s abusive some might say but
It’s conducive to you and me

Sweet and sadistic
Top of your wish list

Permanent posture so pouting I pose
Put on more makeup and take off more clothes
You like to play; you like to pay
How can I argue when luxury’s touching me?

When I'm on the Top
Track Name: ERASE YOU

Don't want any of your pictures

No sleep you were spinning me around like a spider in a web
In my head to bring me down
So weak but to speak of something loud
Baby how u like me now

You wanted quiet and I'm a riot
You want a taste test before you buy it
Was in denial before the trial
Now I'm clipping coupons out of your smiles

I'll send u straight to video
Happy face you like to pose wearing someone else's clothes
So fake so I'm taking out the pen to condemn you once again but it's such a way to go

I'm gonna snap now out of the background
To bring the focus to what you lack now
Glass in the ashes your photo smashes
Against the pavement over where the trash is

I deleted every moment
Walking through the past to own it
While u took ur time debating
Babe ur Polaroid was fading
Track Name: CHAMPION

Said he always had to win like I do, So I knew we couldn’t lose
And it’s something like a grin he gives me – forgive me for old news

And everybody knows the score
So lets run around the court some more
We can rock out walk the clock out

Do I make your knees hurt in your favorite T-shirt?
Do you wanna be hurt by your favorite teacher?
Does it make you mean to be seen with the queen when they lay at her feet?
(Like I’m a champion)
(Like you’re a champion)

Well he’s looking pretty fit I think he could take a bit
Maybe baby likes to switch – pitch hitter
If he’d only take a hint we’d be working, never quit
Do you think he’s up for it?

Anyway it’s just a game I mean
We’re not playing for the same damn team
We can rock out walk the clock out
Track Name: BOSS

You want it all, yes you want it all do you wanna call me sometime?
And have a ball have some alcohol
Baby let your white knight shine

I will be the queen and I will take the kingdom
You’ll see what I mean; King keen to be a victim

Yes I think its correct; baby got you in check, mate
And I think that you guessed that there won’t be a next game
Babygirl is the boss
Babygirl never lost

Hey c’mon you can be a pawn; maybe you can be one of mine
If it’s wrong then it’s even gone too far not to be so right

You play sloppily
Can you not do it properly
You’re not on top of me
Reckoned you for a prodigy
Where is the strategy
Don’t be so mad at me
Can’t make a move then you should have been practicing

Kiss Touch This Much Is Such Bliss Such
So Luxe, So Lush, So Much, So What?
(isn’t it?)

Is it gonna be strong
Is it gonna belong
Is it gonna be wrong
Is it gonna be

Witness, Dismiss or be Vicious
So clean, So mean, So we must be
(Isn’t it?)

We don’t need to ask the question; I like your attention
Multiple dimensions
Track Name: TASTY

So used to confusing the two;
I can understand why it's confusing to you
Not love but it's kind of amusing
I'm timing the takeover makeover muse

You got a little taste
Just a little taste
But a little taste
Is a little taste

No I am not giving my heart away
You'll have to take it the hard way
I am not giving my heart away

Nonplussed but let's muster the guts and
begin with the opening joking and bluffs
Admit it you're into this stuff
but compatible doesn't mean that is enough